Hearing the news of the upcoming Shang-Chi movie immediately brought to mind my childhood hero. The man who inspired this up coming movie and so many other phenomenal comic book characters.

The invincible @brucelee

I was 6 years old the first time I remember experiencing “Enter The Dragon”. I say experiencing because no one ever just watches a Bruce Lee movie. He had already passed on years before but his legend was immortal.

He was 5’7 and only weighed about 130 lbs, but to me, he was a giant who looked oppressors in the eye before he kicked them across the room. Lightning speed, unimaginable strength, and a martial skill that is still unparalleled today. Bruce was a beacon of hope for all communities of color. The first "Person of Color" international superstar.

I have seen the awe that is summoned in people, no matter what race or ethnicity they are, by the mere mention of his name. He influenced hip-hop, Hollywood, health, pop culture, philosophy, martial arts and comic books.

He changed the world in the 32 years he spent on this earth, and cleared the way for so many POC creatives who came after him. Rest In Power and Peace, Bruce.

Be like water my friends.

Written by Professor Mex

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