Updated: Dec 20, 2020

I wonder if writer/artist team of Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin were looking way into the future, to the year 2020 for inspiration for this legendary story arch “Days Of Future Past.” From modern day concentration camps and self parking cars, (are there sentinels on the horizon?) to corrupt leaders and “allegedly” genetically modified viruses dampening our powers, this two book storyline is beginning to look real prophetic right about now. And maybe the answer lies in the story. No, we can’t send Kitty Pryde telepathically back 30 years to warn everyone what will happen. But maybe that action acts as a metaphor. Urging us to look back at the past and learn from it. Maybe it’s inviting us to pick up old practices that will leave us in a better relationship with the earth and teach us how to take care of each other. Maybe it is telling us that there is still time to change our present direction to save our collective future. Maybe it serves to remind us that there is hope. That there is always hope. I guess it’s like Professor X said “Cliche though it sounds, only time will tell “ written by Frank Escamilla aka Pablo Naruto #mutantorminority#daysoffuturepast#comicbookssavelives#comicbooks#marvelmemes#chrisclaremont#xmen#xmencomics

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