An extension of the "Eviction Moratorium" was authorized this week largely due to the efforts of the U.S. Representative from Missouri's 1st district, Cori Bush.

No doubt, my head tends to be in the clouds with stories of superheros and sci-fi scenarios most of the time. However, there are families and and small business owners all over this country that need to put some respect on the name of Cori Bush. Bush camped for three nights and three days on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to convince either congress or the Biden Administration to protect those Americans that were facing eviction due to the expiration of the previous moratorium that ended on July 31st. She drew the press and observers to steps of the capital to listen to her speak on behalf of people struggling to feed their kids, keep the power on, and provide a roof to live under.

Multiple studies have shown that the best way to fight homelessness is through 'rapid re-housing'. The longer people are homeless, the more likely that condition will become chronic.

Though the White House relented and re-established the eviction moratorium, as of now, we are not sure how long the extended moratorium will last. So until then, do what you can to speak to your representatives on this issue, and help those that need it.

Super Heroes help us to survive, Real Life Heroes help us live.

-Barack O'Baggins

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