Am I too excited that "The Expanse" is back?

Inequality across the solar system, mass casualty events, economic displacement, germ warfare, generational wealth stagnation, and political corruption are just a few of the scenarios that have already occurred in the first four seasons of the show. Like watching The Wire, you tune in, in spite of the inexorable misery you're about to witness.

When I read that season 5 was on the horizon, I became extremely excited to see what new tragedies the team would be forced to contend with. Which led me to the conclusion that I need my misery, my historic inequities, and the catastrophic decimation of life that I am about to witness, couched in sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book like pretense.

I watched Hunters and Lovecraft. Both had numerous moments that made you angry and frightened for the characters on screen, and mournful for the ancestors that actually experienced it. However, with the magic, monsters, characters montages, and throwback outfits, we are given a moment to reset. A moment to exhale. A moment to focus on a part of the story that may be considered corny or ridiculous even to a geek like me.

After a life time of watching movies like The Color Purple, & Schindler's List, even Dances with Wolves (white savior), I need the anguish and torment to have regular interruptions of claws, laser fire, and bad outfits. I feel like I've earned it. I watched 12 Years a Slave. It took me 2 years to get around to it, and a whole week to finish. I read Snow Falling on Cedars. That was a long f**ked up book. I've paid my dues.

But if you have not seen Roots or something like it, or, unless you have a family member or elder to drop science because they experienced it, you need to watch those movies. This article is not for you.

I know! The Expanse is not historical fiction that focuses on race, religion, gender identity or any of the more usual distinguishing factors that tend to inspire bigots. It is hopeful in that sense. But, it does what speculative sci-fi is supposed to do. It supplies plenty of sufferings based on many contemporary biases and brutalities that we have become inured to and imagines how those unresolved human failings will affect the future.

- Barack O'Baggins

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