1985 was a incredible year for nerds of all kinds. The first Nintendo Entertainment System was released in U. S stores that year. Calvin and Hobbes debut in more than 30 news papers across the country. Microsoft released Windows 1.0, Coke changed its recipe and introduced “New Coke” and Back to the future dominated the box office just to name a few.

But before Marty McFly was batting his arch nemesis "Biff," and screwing up the space time continuum, there was another little movie that was released earlier that year. A movie that may have been meant to be a spoof, but ended up creating a legendary hip hop martial arts film that gave us one of the best POC hero and villain combos in 80s cinema. I’m talking about "The Last Dragon".

Berry Gordy introduced us to Leroy “Bruce Leroy” Green. A gifted martial arts student (that had seen one to many Bruce Lee movies) is dedicated to cultivating a martial skill that is so pure of heart, that it would invoke a sublime force all over his body called “the glow."

He only has two things in his way. The first; is "Sho Nuff, The shotgun of Harlem.” A badass martial arts bully with a slew of minions at his command. Sho nuff is so bad, he beat up a whole grind house theatre full of people. The second thing keeping Leroy from achieving “the glow,” is same thing that keeps a lot of us from achieving our goals. It is himself.

This movie was deep on so many levels to my seven year old eyes. The cast was mainly made up of people of color, which in it self was a feat to behold. We even got "Vanity" as our Lois Lane. This flick is full of pop locking, kung fu kicking, over the top 80’s movie amazingness. Yes, it’s cheesy. But, it’s that "nachos at the theater when you were a kid good kinda cheesy."

Written by: Frank Escamilla, a.k.a Professor Mex, a.k.a Pablo Naruto ninja love poet of the nine tails.

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