MOM Episode 1

We discuss "Rise of Skywalker", "The , Mandolorian" and Reed Tucker's book "Slugfest". 

MOM Episode 3

In the wake of widespread unrest due to police violence and the overwhelming burden that COVID 19 has placed on all of us, we discuss the contemporary relevance of 'The X-Men', the first comic book title to address the systematic oppression of a minority.


MOM Episode 4

With some consideration to the scores of People of Color that have suffered from over zealous policing, we discuss the violent zealotry of some of the most popular characters in fiction. 


L.O Episode 1

Jenessa Flores, Nicole Green, and Sonia Salinas discuss the roles provided for women of color and too often the limited scope of their characters.

MoM Ep. 6 Graphic[5929].png

MOM Episode 5 

Jared and Jared debate and discuss how many studios and publishers are reimagining the complexions of their characters for the 21st century..