Through discussion, our goal is to provide and receive a small amount of enlightenment about the role of ethnic minorities, women, and other traditionally underrepresented groups in some of our favorite genres like Comic books,s Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and the related media. 

We will discuss past and current professional difficulties for writers, artists, actors, and content creators. 

Hopefully, we'll have a little fun along the way. 


Tendai Nyachoto

Jenessa Flores

Frank Escamilla

Jared Sams

Nicole Green

Sonia Salinas          

Jared Birdsong






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Mutant or Minority Super Podcaster roster: @spaceman_jared , The Nerdmaster General, has been in love with cosmic comics since he was a snotty-nosed little nerdgro letting his toy telescope collect dust while he gazed upon the infinite wonders of space through a 4-color @jimstarlin lens.
He currently resides in Los Angeles where he lives the life of a boring yet functioning superhero: By day he grinds like you, but by night he’s a mad scientist--writing and drawing comic books and doing his damndest to channel his hip-hop and punk masters on the page.
Creatively, Jared treasures his “geek cred” and his “black card”. The two are inextricably linked, one informing the other. Why Jack Kirby never teamed up with George Clinton to create a Parliament-Funkadelic album cover will remain one of human history’s most enduring mysteries.
You can find some of Jared’s work over at his website,, and hear his mad ramblings on the @mutantorminority podcast! #superheroesofcolor #mutantorminority #podcastorsofjusticeandnerdshit #

BOB (2).png

  After serving 4 terms as the first black mayor of The Shire”, and delivering “The One Gold Chain to Rule Them All,” to Mount Doom for destruction, Barack O’Baggins left Middle Earth and returned to “Earth 213” to settle into his former alias as a husband, a father of 2, and a heavy coffee drinker.  An identity, and realm of existence that O'Baggins began using to escape the Witch King, and as a place to move some 'Longbottom Leaf.'  In this reality, O'Baggins has parlayed the courage and sacrifice necessary to save Middle Earth into opening a coffee shop and starting a podcast. Living in Los Angeles, O'Baggins has felt a kinship with the people of color from his adopted home.  Especially, considering that where he comes from has so few. Though O'Baggins loves wearing shoes and having indoor plumbing and lighting, he misses some of the edge and wonder of his former home.  He has taken to enjoying sci-fi and comics to fill in for the excitement that he misses.  

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